What we've been up to in the studio

Summer has proved to be a busy time for JTC. I love being busy, it almost seems that the busier I am the more my creative mind works. I've completed a few unique projects and still have a few under wraps! I can NOT wait to share the project I am working on for a Tampa Law Firm.

I was able to create an IOS application icon for Newkirk Environmental. They have created an app for Storm Water management. This will be used by many local government agencies to make sure that construction sites are mitigating storm water properly. Something you never think about, but so important to the health of our local waterways. App Icon development is different. These icons should be flat with simple shapes. Though they look easy,  icon development is quite lengthy. FUN project and I hope I have to opportunity to create more.

I also recently completed a short project for a wealth management company - AMB. They were looking to revamp their brochure. If this sounds boring it wasn't, good brochures have to be visually pleasing while delivering lots of content. 

I am currently accepting design clients for September, 2016. I am always happy to talk to you to see if I can help you or your business out!