Latest JTC projects

Hello friends! Happy Summer. We have been buzzing along in the studio with lots of quick logo projects. First up was a quick turn around for Devolder Legal Learning based out of Tampa, FL. Once I have the marketing blurb on their company I will update you. From what I do know the concept is pretty unique.  Elizabeth and her husband Bryan are motivated, hard working parents who both just graduated (with honors!) with a law degree. 

If you are within 30 miles of Charleston, SC and have interior construction needs, you will want to remember this logo and name. Dave Clifford owner of Clifford Construction uses reclaimed wood to bring unique personality to homes. He's been featured in Charleston Magazine and Southern Living. His work is detailed, meticulous and beautiful. I will be sure to update you when his website goes live so you can check out his work. Dave wanted a logo that represented him and everyone that knows him will tell you a hunting dog does just that.