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CHARLESTON, SC, March 28 – Jeny Tyler Creative was contracted to brand, a website designed to educate others about the growing diaper gap and provide diapers to families struggling in Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. The non-profit is run by Jackie Weisman, a Maryland native.

“Jeny Tyler Creative was an obvious choice for branding,” says Weisman. “I needed something very quickly with a modern, upbeat feel. I knew Tyler would produce something unique and I wasn’t disappointed.”

 The mission of is to help close the diaper gap for low income families who are otherwise left to reuse dirty diapers or leave them on for extended periods of time. This leads to mental and physical issues not only for the child, but for the parents as well. 12 For 1 hosts a diaper drive every June to provide outreach programs with diapers. This year will be the third annual diaper drive. For more information, visit


 About Jeny Tyler Creative

Since 2014 Charleston, SC based Jeny Tyler Creative has designed branding for national companies, non-profits, and small business. With an eye for color and an illustration background most logos are hand-drawn for a truly unique look. In addition to logos, Jeny offers clients custom web design and technical solutions for internal business sites. The Southern hospitality makes you feel welcome and understood while the expertise offers the same high standards and quality of larger design firms.  For more information on Jeny Tyler Creative, call 843.991.4735, email, or visit